The final countdown: The lessons learnt, the memories made and the relationships that will never be broken

This was it, we were coming to the end of one of the most daunting projects I have ever achieved. Tshego and myself believed that now we had gone through the motions we were going to do this episode as efficiently and entertaining as possible. We even picked up the kids on the Saturday afternoon for an editorial setting. Once again both the boys Werner and Olwethu could not make it...

Our Second show: Almost absolute chaos

I seriously thought the first show was daunting, but I was not expecting the pressure that came with our second edition. Whoever said producing gets easier once you've found your feet spoke utter rubbish. I have realised that each week a brand new challenge rears its ugly head, how to deal with these, as well as the rate of doing so is important. I can safely say this week was chaotic, but never the less Tshego and myself walked out of it in one piece.

Crunch Time: Finishing and editing our first show, along with a Marketing surprise.

This was it! After more than seven weeks of training and preparation the last week before our big show had arrived! Problem was, we had yet to finally finish the jingle, our outro was not done, and our ‘hero of the week’ had not pitched up in over a week now. Things were looking interesting.


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