Third Blog. A discussion of the first initial stories brought back.

In the first workshop we ran an informal think tank on how our show will be produced. This included the hot clock as well as the various themes. From the start of this meeting the different upbringings could be seen. When the women wanted to talk about abuse the only white male wanted to talk about his friends who self mutilate. However all agreed on the various issues we want to cover and how.

During the prior week we asked the members to go back and interview any of their peers on respective issues which they chose. The results we obtained were beyond what we expected. To start off with obviously there were many technical issues on every interview, this will however diminish with practice. One member managed to interview his 14 year old friend on the drugs that he has taken. This 14 year old spoke in an informal, almost boastful voice and illustrated he has tried marijuana and even mushrooms. He also said that one must not do drugs "Untill they are 21".

This child has obviously been brought up in such a way that he thinks drugs are the norm. It illusttrates the culture and background of this area, as the blase tone in his speech shocked me. Ironically the other male member in our group who went to the same school interviewed one of his friends on the same topic. This interviewee also took a variety of drugs. I realised this was the masculine culture in which these boys were growing up in. Both interviewees almost seemed boastful and playful in their talks. It was a social image, 'to smoke' means 'to be cool'. Unfortunately this is how the young society functions, and it is our duty to try and oppose this.

The women brought back fairly simple material compared to the boys, however it is still useful. One interviewed her friends on why drugs are bad. the technical skills were very good however the interviewee seemed to repeat herself and did not have any concrete back up on her answers, she would simply say "drugs are bad, the make you crazy, dont do drugs guys." I feel we need to speak to more 'expert' sources on the effects on drugs. As the proper implications of drugs are not told to people below the age of about 14 it seems.

These youngsters seem to open up to eachother in a way no other parent/generation can do. The Upstart members are interviewing these people who would not open up to anyone else, they are interviewing their friends. This could be deadly as if we do decide to air the content it may ruin their relationships. We need to have a serious talk before we implement any of the content on air, as this is dangerous waters as if a pupil/teacher or even parent recognises the voice they could prove to be in serious danger.

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