Thrid week of term, the week of realisation.

In the previous blog I was worried about how Werner will be incorperated into the team now that he was relieved of his DJ duty. After much talk Tsegho and I have realised that he needs to be a DJ as RMR has two DJ's on air at one time. This therefore worked out perfectly for Werner who doesnt feel left out now, and we do not have any tension within our group.

On Tuesday we held an editorial meeting for next weeks show. This very meeting became a bench mark for the shows.
 At first we put forward what was meant to be our second show concept. the issue of crime was brought up in our very first meeting. Suddenly now, however the team were not motivated to come up with story ideas. We listened to several, including a story where a school matron was robbed twice within a month at the same location. The flare was not there on the subject of crime. So Tsegho and myself stopped tyhe meeting and asked the pupils what exactly was wrong. Almost in unison they illustrated that the issue of crime was boring and over done. they wanted to talk about something that made them interested. I was bewildered as thought they were very excited on the prospect of crime, however they made a major point: crime is always in the media and they were numbed to it now. As we realised this was their own space we asked for any alternative ideas. One of the pupils mentioned that we must do a show on working out the mindset of the opposite sex. This was met by a wave of enthusiasm from her peers. This was the monumental point where Tsegho and I realised we really were talking about social factors that 'older' society demands, and that we should be talking about those issues the pupils talk about over break time, or when they write secret notes to eachother in class. At the age of sixteen I was very bored with the social issues. Therefore we came to a conclusion that we will not veer from the serious social issues altogether but we will have far more relaxed topics that will be met withn more enthusiasm, and, ultimately should generate good quality for listeners.

Content possibilities poured in. One of the pupils will be interviewing her mother on what she feels is the right time to date, while another was going to interview her friends who were dating and talk about the hardships and lessons learnt through it. One factor that we are still debating on is the in studio guests. I had the idea that we get a discussion between all of our members, however many are still too shy to go on air, which i feel is a worrying factor.

On the Thursday we had an extra Upstart member with hus. Luto was brought in to re read the audio blog. this was because Mfundo, the editor of the audio blog could not quite grasp the atmosphere of his own writing. We discovered that immense training is needed for audio blogs to be used effectively. Thankfully Luto was much better than Mfundo and now we have our first set of audio blogs for next weeks edition. We were meant to re record danielle, the twelve year old DJ however she did not come in on Thursday.

In our workshop we had a fun but very interesting excersize. the boys were meant to write down questions for the girls and vice verse. Some of these questions were funny however some were particularely shocking. One in particular really got my attention, to the point that I showed my disgust. The girl asked "why will boys dump you if you dont sleep with them?" I was taken aback by this question by what was a majority class of sixteen year olds. the boys blatantly refused that this statement was true, yet they seemed to laugh it off. I realised that the topic of relationships was more interesting to the pupils than I thought.

On Saturday the team were meant to go live on air for the first time. However we had a mix up with communication and the pupils were not at their designated spots, sadly we were not on air, however after talk with management at RMR, as from next week Upstart will officially be on air as a magazine show. It will be half and hour long within the inserts of another youth program called "Y.U.N.G amplified".

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